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Tera Harmalet

Another year added to my age again. Within a flash, I am 23 now. I don’t know why am I here on Earth and what should I be doing. Like a boat sailing aimlessly on a vast sea, I feel very empty and lost. So, how 23-year-old me see this world?

Everything is about value evaluation I think. All of them is about profit and loss as we are self-interested. Human sentiments are transient. Decisions will always be made for material gains. People move only when they have something to gain. There’s no way you’ll be saved if you’re empty-handed…

I am at the point in my life where I compare myself with famed dogs and cats.

Even dogs and cats have thousands of followers and they have their own income. In other words, they can provide food for themselves. Well, it is understandable because they are super cute.

But, it made me think that I really did have a shitty life. A choice I made in the past was a total mistake which only made me suffer. Because of that, I can’t even provide food for myself now. I have been thinking lately that my existence is nothing but…

A penny is two decimal places, right? I thought my life is zero, but I realized that I don’t even have decimal values.

It’s not like I am not trying. Then, why don’t I even have decimal values? I think I know the answer.

In some countries, if you want to make a few dollars, you can use apps or websites which reward you when you finished small tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, etc. In other words, even giving opinions and engagements on the Internet pays you. …

The state Potato is residing in has become a battle zone. Potato is currently trapped in it.

On May 20, early morning at a funeral, eight people were slapped in the face and arrested by military dogs. The tension between the two parties became intense and hatred became stronger. Later in the evening, a military vehicle roamed around and arrested five more people from a village. On the same day, the military council tried to invade the area which is controlled by armed ethnic force. A fire sparked and battles started. Gunfights broke out in more than five areas. On…

In this meaningless and hopeless world, I live for my darlings. They are simply the meaning of my life.

Credit of photos go to the original owners. I collected them from google.


Something is rotten, from its core to the ends of its every limb. No wonder putrid odor is everywhere.

A room is filled with the putrid odor. A cleaner comes to clean the room. Cleaning dirty stuffs make the cleaner dirty, too. The cleaner becomes smelly. Later, the cleaner lost his senses and gives in to the temptation of the putrid odor.

Many cleaners come to clean the room using different methods and new techniques. But, cleaners who came to clean the room suffer the same fate and the room is still reek of putrid odor.

#RandomThought resulted from staring at the ceiling

Apr 16, 2021 2:20 PM

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

Feb 8, 2021 8:00 PM (Monday)

A few days ago, you woke up, and then you heard there was a military coup.

It was sudden. Not knowing what to do is normal. In our unconscious mind, we still can’t accept that and keep denying that it is not true and waiting for a miracle to occur or a superhero who will save us. But, everyone is doing what they can and I also did what I can: reading some papers and books.

Here are some notes. (All credit go to respective researchers)

When coups are likely to occur?

Predictors of coups are justified by their effect…

It is amazing how people interpret a sentence differently.

Yesterday, I posted a video of me saying, “If I am a sheep, at least, Let me be a free sheep, okay? Suckers!” and then the next day, I am in a mess.

It is a nice line which resulted from a friend and I chatted for a few minutes. The idea originated like this. There are always people or organizations who are at the top of the chain and they control many others who are within the chain no matter what country. They basically control everything and since we aren’t…

It is very difficult to convince myself to study. That’s why I analyzed my behavior.

I love to involve myself in something new. I became curious about something, obsessed with it and after a few tries for months, I get it bored and quit. My interests vary every day. There are times when I wanted to reach a professional level and stand at the top of a specific field, but it needs dedication and commitment. …

Tera Harmalet

^w^ My Personal Journal ^w^ (Anime+ Games+ Nature+ Animals+ Tech+ Sports+ Folklore) person who loves historical & futuristic themes 💛

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