3rd Anniversary

Tera Harmalet
13 min readSep 5, 2021

I have been writing for three years now. Started as a hobby to be productive, and now, I think I am on a track.

My friend asked me, “If you are practicing writing, why don’t you write in your native language?” Well, it’s because using second language has more benefits to me. Like if it is the native language, it is instinctual and spontaneous. Using the second language stimulates the brain and it makes me think. Although I wrote what I thought, it is already very chaotic. As for the third language, it concerns with my confidence level. I am lazy at studying and I haven’t mastered it yet.

After watching many series, I think what makes a story great is it draws you into its world and forces you to think hard. There are many beautiful lines in a story, too. When I see a cool line, I was like, “Shit, Such a cool line! I want to use it. I want to be able to write such a cool line, too.” Yeah, beautiful lines can make a person think and move a person’s heart.

I will leave lines from anime and my thoughts here.

“There certainly are things that cannot be told in words. But, that can only be said by people who exhausted their use of words. Words are like icebergs that are floating on the ocean called ‘heart’. The parts that show above the sea surface are small, but they still let us perceive or sense the larger parts that are hidden below the water. Use words deliberately. If you do, you’ll be able to convey more things more accurately than if you were to keep silent. Right judgement can only be made with right information and right analyses.”

  • Your words are noted, Admiral Yang!

“In reality, it’s dictatorship rather than democracy that drastically advances government reforms. But, I think humanity ought to avoid being united by a dictatorship. Rulers aren’t necessarily wise through generations. I don’t think the entire human race should be ruled by a system where everything depends on one person’s character.”

  • Such thoughtful words, Admiral Yang! Ideologies by themselves is a form of government waiting to be adopted. What is more important is “the treatment” I think. It is not okay when someone using weapons bullies the crowd. It is also not okay when a group bullies a loner. By the way, for me, given the current conditions, it is the worst autocracy and the worst democracy. And, why is it a choice between them? To be frank, I don’t like both. Why isn’t it a choice between the best democracy and the best autocracy? Life sucks! Wait, the trickiest and the most difficult to answer might be, “What is your choice between the worst democracy and the best autocracy?”, right? When people say life’s exam is hard, it is way too damn hard.

“People may need societies, but not nations.”

  • No wonder you are remarked as a radical anarchist, Admiral Yang. I saw in a text that anarchy is only theoretically possible. Back then, I thought even animals are basically living in anarchy. Why can’t humans live in anarchy? Well, that was naive of me. It is because we are humans that it is impossible. Since I am currently living in an anarchic state, I can say that it is the worst of the worst. You hear “Theft & Robbery” cases almost everyday. There were arson cases, too. You learn a thousand ways to scam a person. Some armed people became unruly and kidnapped a person and asked a big amount of ransom money. Crimes are being committed broad daylight. So, you are a victim and you want to seek justice? You better listen to the song “Let it go”. Yeah, it sucks. Also, different opinions aren’t allowed publicly anymore. When other countries want to present opportunities, there is no legitimate body to negotiate. Opportunities are lost. And, there are many other things, too. It sucks in many ways. Minarchy can be dragged here as a counter, but I won’t because the cause of being an anarchic state is the you know who. Somewhere on Planet Earth, if anarchy is being experimented in good hands, please call me. Don’t leave me. I’ve experienced the worst anarchy. I want to experience the best anarchy, too.

“I’ve learned that there are two currents of thought in human society. The opinion that there are things worth more than human life and the opinion that there is nothing preferable to life. When people begin to fight, it’s on the pretext of the former type of people and it justifies the latter when they stop.”

  • Admiral Yang, I have an unusual luck and I have a chance to witness these two currents of thought. The former is already in practice. Currently, I am in a battle zone, and there is a question I have been pondering over since guerilla fights started and I still have no solution to it. One side seized power by force and oppresses the people. They can’t back down now because their lives are at risk and they will be completely cancelled from the society. It is their last resort. One side fights for rights and for the future generations. If they back down, they will be stepped on their heads. Both sides can’t back down and they are in a deadlock. So, how to solve the deadlock? I’ve been thinking about it, but I find no solution. Look like when it comes to the human ego, there is no solution after all. The battles will continue until one side is completely annihilated. That’s the only route I could think of. Yeah, we live in a cruel and merciless world. That’s why, Admiral Yang, to be able to see the latter current of thought, it might take years I think.

“The coexistence of diverse political values is the essence of democracy.”

  • I am not quite sure about this line, Admiral Yang. All I see today is, “If you are not like me, you are my enemy.” stuffs. Nowadays, this “partisan” thing is extremely strong.

“There has never been ‘permanent peace’ in human history. But, there have been plenty of ages with decades of peace. In short, my hope is, haughtily enough, for a few decades of peace in the future.”

  • I wish the same, too, Admiral Yang.

“Children don’t grow up looking at perfect parents. Rather, using their imperfect parents as anti-teachers, children nourish a spirit of independence.”

  • Agree, Admiral Yang! That’s why I have a strong mutinous spirit. (Lmao)

“Someone who cannot hate something cannot love something, either.”

  • I can relate, Admiral Yang. Questioning, observing, analyzing, and thinking of solutions is all we do I think. haha

“No matter the era, whichever the society, people always gaze at the stars when young. Then, they stretch out their hands and try to catch them. And then, one day, they realize their arms are not long enough to catch the stars, and that’s when they grow up.”

  • This hits hard, Kaiser Reinhard!

“I’m not being arrogant. It’s just that after being barked at by so many ill-bred dogs, every now and then I take a kick at one for the dog’s own good.”

  • Lmao! Your sarcastic remarks always hit deeply in the flesh. That’s what I love so much about you, Kaiser Reinhard.

“Maybe humans are capable of committing far more shameless acts than they imagine they are. If they hadn’t faced adversity, they might have gone without discovering such ugly facets of themselves.”

  • We share the same thought, Kaiserin Mariendorf.

“Revolutions are dreamt up by intellectuals. But, reality forces them to take drastic measures. Following a revolution, the passion for a rebirth get taken by mediocrity. Intellectuals hate this and withdraw from society to become recluses.”

  • Amuro-kun, there are cases where everyone wakes up for the revolution because something big happened. Of course, after a few months later, mediocrity took over.

“Somebody once said that the reason mankind’s wars never end was because we’re stuck on the threshold of a new stage of evolution.”

  • Wait, isn’t it because of greed and ego?

“Children are victims of their society.”

  • Same thought here!!!

“Mother nature has absolutely no mercy. Ancient humans understood that. As products of nature, they knew it instinctively. So, to survive, they protected themselves by creating civilization and societies. Yeah, but they got too complicated, and before they knew it, people were forced to live for the purpose of maintaining the system. In the end, it made life hard to live.”

  • Well said, Zinnerman-san! I also think humans are prisoners of their own creations.

“And, to escape that topsy-turvy world, they went into space to find new lands. There, they created a different system. A natural development that gave hope and direction to those cast out into space, the spacenoids. The old system left behind on Earth rejected it. Because systems from two different birthplaces are never compatible. It always ends with one of them trying to force the other into submission. But in the past, a world with a unified government like the federation, and ten billion people living in space must have sounded like a fairy tale. Doesn’t humanity have the possibility to do it? To make two ways of thinking merge into one someday?”

  • Zinnerman-san, the world is very complicated and full of contradictions. Humans will never understand each other because they don’t even understand themselves. In my opinion, they might do it someday if they can reap benefits from it.

“What we Spacenoids desire, first and foremost, is the establishment of our right to self-rule. The Federation will never consent to this. They know that the instant they do, the roles of master and servant would be reversed. The reason is obvious. At present, life in the Earth Sphere depends on the existence of the seven Sides and the moon, including energy production, food production, economic activity itself. The fact is that on its own, the planet Earth is no longer even capable of feeding 2 billion Earthnoid mouths. Spacenoids on the other hand could easily support themselves if they were to sever ties with Earth. Zeon Deikun should have use this fact as a weapon. However, while he may have been a great philosopher, a politician he was not. Whether it’s the Zabi family twisting Zeon’s ideals and exploiting them in a war for independence, it all boils down to the same thing. Until we abandon the goal of forcing them to formally acknowledge us, there will be no victory in our battle against the federation. We will strengthen the ties between the moon and seven Sides and create an economic zone that excludes the Earth at its center. That is to say, we found the Side Co-Prosperity Sphere. If all the Sides enter into an economic partnership and boycott Earth, it will wither away into a backwater with no economic value whatsoever. The Federation Government probably won’t be able to survive, either. The only entity capable of acting as mediator for this is the Republic of Zeon. Although it may be a Federation puppet, a certain degree of autonomy has been granted to it. The problem is that it is set to relinquish its autonomy to the Federation in four short years. If the Republic reverts back to Side 3 and is no longer permitted to act as anything beyond a local government, we will never move toward the Side Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

  • The Side Co-Prosperity Sphere! Such an excellent plan, Colonel Full Frontal. (If there is someone who is wondering what is this about, it is Gundam Unicorn.)

“Rather than demanding change from those who refuse it, you will simply ignore them. There will be no harmony or reform, only the strong and weak endlessly trading places into the future. Is that what a man who decided to reveal himself to the world again really wants?”

  • The world has always been like that, Princess Mineva. Like Full Frontal said, it is the way of the world. The future at the mercy of possibility? That’s an interesting perspective for me.

“The Axis Shock! And yet, even when confronted with the possibility of such magnitude, people did not change. To maintain the status quo, they will sweep even possibility under the rug. It is what humans do. All we can do is hope to find peace and stability within our reality. You should be aware that this ‘possibility’ of yours has been known to be a poison that causes wars.”

  • Lmao! This might hit Princess Mineva hard.

“Just because you’ve seen hell with your own two eyes doesn’t mean you can force that hell on others.”

  • Not everyone thinks like you, Banagher-kun. You are kind-hearted.

“It’s wrong to close off your heart just because there are too many sad and painful things out there.”

  • Yeah, Banagher-kun. We should look at the world with different perspectives everyday.

“When a star is falling down aimlessly, its radiance resembles grief. Ceaselessly embracing sorrow as if that is the only truth. On fragments of the disintegrating landscape, I see the reflection of you in tears.”

  • Sometimes, the stories of fallen stars are very disheartening.

“Tales of journeys are the most fun for the ones making the actual journeys. And, the ones on the journey seem to be enjoying it, it must’ve been a great journey.”

  • Yes, King Gilgamesh. Life is a journey and the ones on the journey should be enjoying it. Gil, call me “zasshu”.

“Uruk will fall! It is a fact that we can no longer change. However, there is no need to lament. Why is that? Because if there’s just one person who can see the dawn of victory, our ways of life will be engraved in that one’s heart! Even if we are to die, even if we cannot bear offspring, the people will leave behind a will within themselves. That’s the bonds of power that people have! An inheritance by intellect, not through blood, a succession of lives! The fall of Uruk does not mean we also fall! We will be radiant on the dawn of victory, and tether a generation with that light!”

  • Wise words from the King of Heroes! Gil, call me “mongrel” and hit me with Enuma Elish.

“Bemoaning the obligations you chose to uphold dutifully is evil, and to praise that pain is an insult only to yourself. What should be praised is the triumphs you achieved. The pain in your heart is for you alone.”

  • According to your words, Gil, look like I insulted myself a lot in the past.

“I am fond of lives of hubris. Those who harbor grand ambitions without realizing that they are unequal to the task, the mere sight of such people gives me great enjoyment. There are two kinds of arrogance. One where your capabilities are too small and one where your dreams are too big. The former is commonplace stupidity, but the latter is a rare species that is difficult to find. But, they are identical in that they are both fools, are they not? Isn’t the foolishness of the few a more precious commodity than the wisdom of the masses? There are those who were born human, but harbor wishes that man was not meant for, and have renounced their humanity in its pursuit. I never grow weary of watching their grief and despair.”

  • Gil, if you say something like this, I will gladly be a fool. Lol

“Perhaps, what is right is not like the sun, but the stars. There, you can see the life of another person who shined in the distant past, separated by thousands of year. I can’t use ignorance as a shield to stop my progress.”

  • Yeah, we should always keep learning.

“No matter what you say, you know how small you are. And yet, you still struggle to reach heights greater than you can imagine.”

  • Iskandar, you are quite the opposite of Gil. You are motivating.

“In a world full of desires and temptations, how can you remain true to your heart? The only way is not to be swayed by interests and not bend to power. That’s how you can see through puzzles and dilemmas.”

  • Your words are noted, Prince Han Fei.

“Determination and Decisiveness! Determine the outcome of your choice, and then make a decision. Make a decision before its outcome can be determined. Determination before decision results in the most gains. Decision before determination leads to righteousness. However, in our world, should gains be prioritized over righteousness, or should the opposite be true? This is what you will be tested on.”

  • I think many people will fail. The question is very difficult.

“The crafty realist and the inexperienced idealist, what do you think a nation need? The answer is both. The realist reins in the inexperienced, while the idealist makes up for the flaws of realism with innovation.”

  • Your words are noted, Doge Lucio.

“People and their hearts are always isolated. Their hearts are never understood. The thoughts cannot be conveyed. That’s why everyone seeks out understanding and love! They seek it! They continue to seek! But in the end, they cannot grow close. They all walk alone along a straight path. All 7.8 billion people of the Earth! 7.8 billions kind of solitude! Their hands will never reach because they are too far apart. All they can do is to transmit messages. That was indeed very faint, and may very well have been worlds away from true understanding. But, the breath of the living transmits messages that, however faint, still undoubtedly make it through. People themselves are hope.”

  • We have a brilliant narrator here!

“Even the best team in the world would lose if they kept doing the same things.
If we keep holding onto yesterday, what are we going to be tomorrow? Challenge yourself today.”

  • That’s right! And, I love Haikyuu very much.

“When you’re out on the periphery frontier, you see the world around you and begin to recognize things that you couldn’t see when you’re right in the center of it all.”

  • So, among the perspectives, the perspective from the frontier is the best?

“Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one.”

  • I want to say such arrogant line like Gojou-sensei, too.

“If you don’t know the meaning to your life, then make me that meaning, and use me as the reason to live.”

  • Shit, to say such line to someone, it might take a lot of courage.

“I am forever your most devoted believer.”

  • Holy shit, this is the most romantic line I have ever seen in my entire life.

“I’m going to make sure the world from now on is one where you can smile.”

  • Such an ambitious and romantic line! Here is my salute!

“The beauty of the journey is that you get to write a story of your own.”

  • Yeah, I am a little girl on a journey experiencing the world around me.

I noticed that there are a few people who keep reading my articles. To be honest, my articles do not even seem appealing to me. But, you guys somehow managed to read most of them. That’s why here is my gratitude. Thank you very much.

I always believe that you can inspire someone with your nonsense. Sometime, somewhere, someone reads my articles and then they might get some unusual inspirations from them. Lol

Among thousands of activities, I chose you. I cherish you. I favor you. I prefer you. I like you. I want you. I adore you. I fancy you. I want to spend my entire life with you. I am madly in love with you. Today is the 3rd anniversary with you, Mr. Writing.

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