A Potato in Battle Zone

Tera Harmalet
5 min readMay 25, 2021

The state Potato is residing in has become a battle zone. Potato is currently trapped in it.

On May 20, early morning at a funeral, eight people were slapped in the face and arrested by military dogs. The tension between the two parties became intense and hatred became stronger. Later in the evening, a military vehicle roamed around and arrested five more people from a village. On the same day, the military council tried to invade the area which is controlled by armed ethnic force. A fire sparked and battles started. Gunfights broke out in more than five areas. On social media, stocking of food and medicine, preparing necessary communication devices in case of electricity, phone lines, and the Internet being cut off, and preparations for bomb shelters and air raid shelters were strongly urged. Setting up of refugee camps was also greatly encouraged since it became an emergency need. Armed ethnic force and people’s defense force(PDF) were working together and at the end of the day, they were able to capture a military base. More guns became available for PDF.

On May 21, battles between runaway soldiers and PDF continued. Thousands of villagers fled to the jungles. In the capital town of the state, a police at a bank was shot. Some roads were blocked and military dogs were allowed to shoot if someone tried to pass the roads. A bomb exploded at a police station at noon and there was a thunderstorm in the evening which is an impact of a cyclone at the Bay of Bengal. Another police station in the town was struck by a lightning. Later on the day, there was news about PDF reinforced by another armed force was able to capture a military gate station. Military reinforcements were rushed to the state and military aircraft was busy roaming in the sky.

On May 22, battles continued on the outskirts of the town and near villages. Because of the chaotic shooting of military dogs, three to four civilians were shot. The numbers of refugees increased and temporary refugee camps were set up.

On May 23, people in town MB were warned to stay at home, close shops, stock medicines and food, and avoid going outside unnecessarily. It didn’t take long. A fierce battle broke out in town MB. Civilian houses were damaged and a civilian was shot. After a few hours, town MB’s police station was burned to ash and PDF was able to capture four polices alive. Another battle broke out in another town. Battles spread like wildfires and more than five places were engaging in battles. In this way, nearly the whole state became a battle zone.

In the capital town, a bomb exploded at a place where collective offices exist. At 2 PM, it was declared that the town is under martial law (direct military rule). It is unknown who declared the statement and it is unofficial. But, it was widely spread within a few minutes through social media. Shops were closed and people rushed back home. Everyone on the road was arrested. Soon, the town became completely silent.

Around 6 PM, Potato was in the middle of eating dinner.

“Bomb”, an explosive sound could be heard.

“Bomb” ….. “Bomb” …… “Bomb” …..

Ten consecutive explosive sounds could be heard one after another.

Potato filled a glass with water and drank it. Then, Potato swore, “FUCK!”. Potato couldn’t eat anymore. Later, potato learned that it was the work of two tanks (EE-9 Cascavel equipped with 90mm canon and 7.62mm machine gun).

“bratatatatata” ….. “tat-ta-ta-ta-tat”

Gunfights started. Potato is used to the sound of gunfire but Potato couldn’t stand still and kept walking forwards and backwards. Potato was a bit nervous. It started as a few exchanges of gunfire between two parties but as time went on, it became severe.

Potato was sitting in the darkness chatting with a friend. “In this kind of situation, I am very defenseless and I don’t know what to do except for sitting. I feel very helpless,” said Potato to her friend. Potato did a lot of complaining to her friend.

Potato was sitting quietly. Potato thought, “When you listen to it carefully, there is a rhythm.”

“bratatatatata” ….. “tat-tat-tat-tat-tat”

“It is machine guns and other guns fired by the military council.”

“tat-ta-ta-ta-tat” …… “tat-ta-ta-ta-tat”

“It is the work of PDF.”

Potato came to be able to differentiate which side is firing.

“Bomb” — “Is it artillery?”

“Bomb” — “Is it RPG?”

“Bomb” — “Is it grenade?”

Potato was guessing every explosive sound she heard.

It was non-stop shooting from eight-thirty to nine-thirty. “More than 300 bullets were fired within an hour,” thought Potato.

The direction of the sound of gunfire changed and it became louder and louder. Look like it was near. Potato became worried. Potato was afraid. Soon, the town became completely quiet again. A battle which started around 6 PM came to an end at about 10:20. Potato was very exhausted mentally.

This Guerrilla warfare is only getting started. No one knows what will happen and no one knows how long will it take. Potato faced a good deal of crisis in her life but this is the first time she has to worry about starvation. Every entrance and exit road are blocked which means the flow of goods is stopped. It is said that land mines are embedded in the entrance and exit roads. So, Potato doubt someone would take such a risk. Another problem is as for villagers, they can run into jungles but as for people in the town, there is nowhere to run. This is a true lockdown. Potato asked fate to show some mercy.

When Potato was thinking about death, pain, and mercy killing, Potato saw the moon through the window. Whatever happening in the wherever corner of Planet Earth, the moon continues to shine without a care in the universe. Potato admires the moon very much.

The next day, Potato learned that PDF retrieved from the battle early and it was the military council who roamed around the town and continuously fired bullets into the air. Potato swore, “Motherfuckers!”

On May 24, very early in the morning, everyone started panic buying. Since there were only a few sellers, all goods were sold out within a few minutes. Starting from 9 AM, there was no one on the road. Military aircraft were busy flying in the sky transporting reinforcements and supplies. Battles continued on the outskirts of the town. PDF does not want to engage in battles in the town. But, the military council tried to lure them by firing bullets into the air in some districts of the capital town.

On May 25, the sun hadn’t risen but the morning was filled with explosive sounds. A battle was engaged from 5:30AM to around 10AM. At the same time, the military council stationed themselves on a mountain near a bazaar in the capital town. Soon, the minister of home affairs arrived in a helicopter because police stations which are the military council’s security mechanism were attacked. As soon as he arrived, artillery guns were fired. It was too loud that Potato’s heart dropped every time it fired. Potato couldn’t focus on writing anymore. The whole capital town is under surveillance and telephone lines are intercepted. And, exaggerated facts and fake news are circling on social media as a form of psychological warfare.

Potato questioned, “What is future?”

May 25, 2021



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