A Random Story about Ants

I was lying on my bed and saw ants moving in a line on the wall. Since I had no better thing to do, I dived into my imaginary world.

Here is the land of ants. In this land, there exists a Queen Ant whose body is bigger than any other ants. Minion ants believe the Queen Ant as the Great Mother who gave birth to all of them. They believe that the start of their existence is from the Queen Ant. Queen Ant has absolute authority in this land. To serve the Queen Ant, one of the ants whose body is about the same size as the Queen Ant is selected as the King Ant. Ants who have the same body size as the Queen Ant are rare. Only ants who carry noble bloodline have big bodies and can become King Ant or General Ant.

Currently, the territory of ants has been destroyed. All ants have been moved to somewhere safe. The Queen Ant commended four General Ants to find new territories in the direction of East, West, North, and South. Each General Ant went to each direction with a few troops. Four General Ants came back and reported the condition of new lands they saw. Queen Ant analyzed their circumstances and conditions to decide their next territory. They will move to the land where there are plenty of leaves.

Ants are moving towards the new land while carrying food and eggs that were laid by female ants. Under each General Ant, there are 5000 worker ants. Each General Ant guards four different directions of the new land to protect the Queen Ant in central. In the central region, 3000 worker ants live together with the Queen Ant. Worker ants are both male and female and their job is to collect food. Worker ants find food every day, bring food to the Queen Ant, and consume food which is left.

“I saw dead bodies of insect species near a yellow leaf” a worker ant reported. “Take some ants with you and carry them back. We need to collect food for our survival for the coming winter”, the Queen Ant said. “But, my Queen, there is a pond that we need to cross. We also found another path but it will take a longer time. Should we take the longer path?” the worker ant reported. The Queen Ant replied, “No, take many ants with you and build something on the pond”. “As your command, my Queen!” the worker ant went to call other ants.

“One, two, three! One, two, three! Put it down!” Worker ants are moving a small piece of wood into the pond. Suddenly, the light is gone and everything is covered with darkness. A huge substance pressed them. “My Queen, it is urgent. While we were trying to cross the pond, a huge substance pressed our ants. Not only we lost twenty of our ants, but our food was also destroyed. After a few moments, that huge substance is gone”, a worker ant reported.

“What is the shape of that huge substance?” the Queen Ant asked. “It can be said that it is a rectangle. There are five small rectangles with different sizes connecting to a large rectangle”, the worker ant replied. “Based on my knowledge, it is called leg which belongs to the human species”, the Queen Ant said. “Isn’t there a way to attack that huge creature called human?”, the worker ant asked. “Human species can kill elephant species which is thrice bigger than them. They can kill lion and tiger species which are ruthless, merciless, and known for being Kings of the land. They can catch eagle species which can fly so high and merciless when hunting and known for being King of the sky. They catch various types of fish species and consume them. They are the most scheming and cunning species on earth.”, the Queen Ant answered.

The worker ant sighed. Queen Ant said, “We can ask help from virus species. It is said that although virus species are extremely small, they can attack everything.” King Ant negotiated with the King of Virus. “My Queen, the King of Virus wants us to leave this land. If we agree with his condition, he said that they will attack human species”, the King Ant said. “Huh? It has only been a month since we moved here and we have to move again? But, it can be said that it is a favorable condition for us. The ground we step on becomes damp which means the rainy season is coming. It is killing two birds with a stone. Send a letter of agreement to virus species”, the Queen Ant commanded.

Four General Ants reported new lands they saw. The Queen Ant commanded ants to move to the land where thick and rectangle things called books exist. Ants are settling in their new land. Four General Ants gathered for discussion. “Why did the Queen Ant want us to settle here? In this place, food is hard to find and there are also competitors which are house geckos. Isn’t a place where various types of vegetables and meat exist more suitable for us?” a General Ant complained. Other General Ants agreed and said, “We need to dethrone the King Ant!”. A worker ant interrupted, “The command is given by the Queen yet why do we need to dethrone the King?” “You are too naive. Do you think that all decisions are made by the Queen alone? The King is controlling the one with authority with his words. The King is the actual power holder from behind”, General Ant replied.

“I saw the King helping young female ants while we are moving”, the worker ant reported. Four General Ants shouted in surprise, “Is the King a lolicon?”. “Spread this news to all ants” a General Ant commanded. All ants gathered for a testimony. “Is the rumor true?” asked the Queen Ant. “My Queen, I’m into young female ants but I have never had affairs with them.” replied the King Ant knowing lying won’t work. “The King is saying that the Queen is old and he is not happy being with the Queen. This is an ultimate insult to the Queen. The King should be sentenced to death”, one of the General Ant shouted. The Queen Ant sighed and said, “Death is not necessary. He just needs to disappear from our land. Let him live away from us.” “The Queen is benevolence!” all ants shouted. “Do you have any last words before leaving?” asked the Queen Ant. “I will never regret being a lolicon” replied the dethroned King Ant. A bachelor ant from the noble bloodline is selected as the new King.

“My Queen, black ants intruded our land!!!” a worker ant reported. “The food of black ants are sweet things while we consume dead bodies of insect species. We have different needs and purposes which means we can coexist together. Living things have to coexist with other living things. Although our ant species is tiny, we are still an important part of the food chain”, explained the Queen Ant.

“Food chain? Food? It is time to eat dinner!!!” I thought and went to make food.

Feb 23, 2019



^w^ My Personal Journal ^w^ (Anime+ Games+ Nature+ Animals+ Tech+ Sports+ Folklore) person who loves historical & futuristic themes 💛

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Tera Harmalet

^w^ My Personal Journal ^w^ (Anime+ Games+ Nature+ Animals+ Tech+ Sports+ Folklore) person who loves historical & futuristic themes 💛