Writing Day 38: Where am I?

Recently, I have finished watching Rick and Morty. Some of the ideas are still stuck in my head. Rick living in a universe created a microverse and a scientist from the microverse created a miniverse and then again a scientist from the miniverse created a teenyverse. Each gave technology to an intelligent species to generate electricity and unbeknownst to them takes a majority of the generated power. And all of that was for supplying energy for Rick’s car. That is a pretty crazy idea I fell in love with.

Imagine we are intelligent living species who are slaves to something and have to work our ass off to provide some form of power or energy for it. We are given bodies(physical form) and inside of each body, there are many systems composed to operate the body well and to operate well, we need energy from external sources. As long as we have these bodies, we have to work and we can’t deny that. Only having the bodies goes nowhere. So, the so-called something adds fear, pain, greed, lust, pride, anger, jealousy, envy, sadness, etc. However, negative feelings are more likely to make things worse. It again has to add love, hope, trust, joy, kindness, gratitude, and other positive feelings. It is not difficult for the so-called something though. It just has to make chemical reactions happen in the body. Those emotions drive and motivate us to continue living and working. For those who can control their emotions (rational ones), it controls them by giving inner imaginary space where infinite possibilities of ideas exist.

Strangely, the so-called something gives a limited amount of time for everyone. For those who can use their time very effectively, they can raise to the top of the chain. Everyone has standards and levels, which make birds of a feather flock together. To avoid lacking energy, it let us reproduce more of us to keep running what it has created. To have everything under control, it sometimes sends gifted ones who are considered as its ultimate pawns. Its ultimate pawns make great changes around them what everyone considers as a better place.

We are an intelligent species. Using two digits, 0 and 1, we even created virtual worlds for ourselves. We are now creating robots which will work for us. There will be robot societies in the future while robots are not knowing the fact that they are working for us. We are doing the same thing as Rick. And there will probably be a day when robots become smart enough to create something which will work for them. The loop won’t probably stop until an alien shows up. haha

So, where am I? Am I living in a teenyverse of a miniverse of a microverse of a universe among multiverse? Or am I living inside of a simulation of a simulation inside another giant simulation?

Welcome, Mr. Insomnia.

Oct 2, 2019 12:45 AM

By the way, don’t watch Rick and Morty while eating. You’ll regret it. It comes from my experience.

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