A Vivid Nightmare

Tera Harmalet
2 min readMar 12, 2020

I was in my native town running around and playing with my childhood friends. I was smiling, sweating, and covered in dirt.

As the sunset, the environment became darker. I went home. My mom was talking to me while cleaning me up. After cleaning up, I was standing in front of my house staring at the sky.

A child from my neighborhood who was also my childhood friend came to me and he said, “I wanted to study IT. But, with my current situation, I won’t be able to.” And he continued talking about his wish. I replied to him, “Don’t worry, I studied IT and I gonna fulfill your wish.” with confidence.

After he left, I continued staring at the sky. The night sky was very clear and beautiful. Groups of stars, constellations, and even the milky way could be seen very clearly with bare eyes.

I was on a hill standing. As I stared at the full moon, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars suddenly appeared beside the moon and they were in a row. As I was thinking about what was happening, Jupiter moved to the moon’s place. Neptune and Mars also did the same and they looked like one entity.

Suddenly, the wind was too strong. Then, I saw a huge dark creature with rabbit-like ears, wolf-like face, rat-like body, a tail with spikes, and a pair of large wings. It ate planets and the moon in one gulp.

Humans were in a panic and running away. There were crows everywhere and they were watching over humans. Thousands of rats came out of their nests and running along with humans. I was also running without knowing what is going on.

Since there was no point in running away because there was no such thing as a safe place and running aimlessly made us more tired, my friends and I decided to face that huge creature. We, together, ran toward the huge creature and jumped. My friends disappeared one after another and I was the only one left. I was so scared and ran toward the basement of my house.

The basement was completely dark. I was sitting with my head down and hands on my knees. The huge creature stood in front of the locked door of the basement and told me something that made me feel like a sinner. Then, it left.

A sound was ringing in my ears.

I woke up and closed the ringtone. I was a bit confused. I was wondering whether it was real or a dream. The scenes were very clear in my mind that it was like watching an anime. Since I woke up, I continued doing my mundane activities.

I don’t know it is good or bad but I remember my dreams very clearly. Sometimes, I can’t differentiate whether I am awake or asleep. Dreams are like parallel worlds to me.

As expected from my dream, it showed my current mental state: incapable, helpless, directionless, impatient, negligent, and confused.

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