Rolling around in a village

Tera Harmalet
5 min readApr 8, 2020

Yesterday, I was invited to pick roses from a rose field owned by a friend of my aunt. I was quite free anyway. My aunt, my older sister, and I joined to participate in picking roses.

We went to the rose field which is located in a village. When we reached there, we started picking up roses and after a few hours, roses were ready to be sold.

Three types of rose plants were planted in the field: the pink one, the red one without smell, and the red one with a sweet smell. Because the owner didn’t take care of rose plants well, the plants weren’t strong enough to give many flowers and the flowers also weren’t beautiful enough. And, low-quality products led to a lower price.

While we were picking roses, the owner was running here and there trying to feed water to the rose plants. Rose plants love sunlight and water. To get water to the rose field, a small water route from a far stream to the field was made. The field is quite wide which means it will be time-consuming and require manpower to feed water to the plants. The owner made some arrangements to avoid that.

He used rubber pipes and made multiple spots on them for leaking water. Since rose plants are only planted in the given space, there are narrow free spaces between them. The pipes were put there. When the owner ran the motor, it worked like a water sprinkler. His irrigation method is okay in its own way.

When picking up roses, roses in their bud stage are favored. Roses which have already been bloomed as flowers are cut off so that there are spaces for new rosebuds.

After picking roses, we were free. The owner said that he owned a tomato field nearby and if we wanted them, we could pick them as much as we can. We walked up to a hill and saw a very wide tomato field full of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are in their ripe state and many of them were already dropped off the plants due to no one picking them. Why the owner didn’t pick them? Well, due to Covid-19, exports are temporarily stopped and there is no price for tomatoes in the market.

We went back to our vehicle carrying three bags of tomatoes. The owner was still feeding water to rose plants and he told us that it would take quite some time so we should roam around.

This village is the representation of small-scale agriculture. Every household owns a small land and they plant vegetables on them. And, there is no such thing as technology here.

We went to a house with a cauliflower field. We saw a man carrying watering cans in both hands and watering cauliflower plants and a woman taking care of the plants. Cauliflowers on our right side were badly destroyed by insects. The woman we saw was on our left side and planting seedlings of cauliflower and moving successful seedlings to a new space. When my aunt asked them the possibility of insects from the right side affecting the left side, they replied that they used insecticides on the left side after seeing what happened to the right side of the field. We thanked them for their explanation and moved to a new place.

Well, why don’t they have no problem with strangers freely going in and out of their yard? People here are very simple and honest. They think simple. They live simply. They do what they need to do. They are satisfied with just the way they are. But, “Disturbing someone while they are working is a bad manner” should be in visitors’ knowledge.

We went around and looked at cabbage fields, eggplant fields, cornfields, and mustard fields. We also saw a man with an air gun and he invited us to shoot birds with him. As far as I noticed, people here didn’t use machines. They till the land with a shovel.

We were back in the vehicle waiting for the owner to finish his work. We saw burning fire afar from our place. Someone was burning haystacks. Groups of haystacks were all over the field with some space between them and someone was putting fire on them one after another. Big smoke could be seen. Ash left behind was used as fertilizer. Ash helps plants grow faster and in producing big fruits.

I was feeling gently blowing wind while watching the sunset. As soon as the sun was gone, the darkness took over and it became a little colder. While watching the scenery of fire burning in the darkness, the orange-colored super moon could be seen in the sky.

The moon was a bit abnormal and it was shining very brightly. A small scale around the moon was lit very clearly like it was telling us that it was not nighttime but daytime.

I was wondering about the possibility of the moon cultivating to become a tomato so that we will have a tomato moon.

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