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2 min readMay 15, 2020

I am on fire.

I am into many sports such as swimming, badminton, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, archery, boxing, running, auto racing, skate dancing, and ballroom dancing although I can’t do them. Well, it is all thanks to anime.

When I am watching either sports anime or movies, or when I am witnessing a real match in front of me, or when I am participating in a match, the competitive nature of sports always has a way to light a fire under me.

A person is trying so hard to achieve his dream. He practices every day. Then, he enters the competitive area. He fails. He doesn’t give up and tries again. He fails again. He is still trying. Because of failures, when he starts to think his effort isn’t paid off, he breaks down. He is in despair. But, he pulls himself up. He is always giving his best and finally, he achieves his dream. On his journey, he found methods, techniques, and ways to polish himself. He is now experienced and his aura changed. He becomes a warrior.

As a person who witnessed everything, all of his energy reach me and I want to try so hard like him. I am spirited.

Losing is super painful. If you are only watching, you feel nothing but if you have past experience, it is easy to empathize. Thoughts such as “If I did better …, If I moved that way …, If I thought of a better move …” are killing you and you are regretting wasting even a second of your moment. You want to reverse time and perform better than you did. Being uncomfortable because of a heavy heart filled with regrets is weighing you down and if you don’t let your tears fall down and shout it out, it doesn’t go away. However, winning provides indescribable happiness, not only to you but to everyone who supports you.

This kind of a mix of pain and pleasure attracts people. If pain and pleasure is the source of motivation, they can be used to keep our spirits high.

Games, sports, and gambling have many similarities. And, the obvious similarity is about having fun.

I wrote this while my body is itching to try ballroom dance. I know the fire will last only for a short amount of time but I want to remember this spirited moment.

After a dream-like moment, anyone would want to see more. But, it’s beautiful because it ends like a dream. So, lock it away deep within our hearts. I want to be driven by rhythm, light, and dreams on the night that I stretch out my hands.

May 15, 2020 5:53 PM



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